What Should New Pet Parents Know About Hemp Oil?


If you’re a new pet parent, you may have heard about hemp oil and wondered what it is. Hemp is not the same as CBD. It’s made from a different part of the cannabis plant. It can treat anxiety, pain, and inflammation in pets.

Here are some things to remember as you explore full spectrum hemp oil for dogs.

Hemp Oil for Pets

Full spectrum hemp oil for dogs is a highly nutritious supplement that can treat many conditions. Hemp oil contains high amounts of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and other vital nutrients necessary for good health. These include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E.

Hemp oil can be added directly to food or given orally with a syringe if your pet will take it that way. The dosage will depend on the size of your pet but generally ranges from 1 mg/pound body weight up to 6 mg/pound body weight per day, depending on what you’re treating. Consult your veterinarian before beginning any supplement regimen with your pet just in case they recommend something different than this range!

What Sorts of Health Benefits Can Hemp Oil Offer?

Hemp oil can help with the following:

  • Pain relief – Hemp oil contains cannabidiol (CBD), effectively treating inflammation and pain.
  • Inflammation – Studies suggest that hemp oil may have anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it useful for various conditions ranging from arthritis to psoriasis and even cancer treatment side effects like nausea or loss of appetite related to chemotherapy treatments.
  • Digestion – Hemp seed is known as one of the best foods for digestion due to its high levels of fiber content, making it gentle on your digestive system while also helping you feel full longer than other foods would provide due to their high protein content.
  • Skin and coat health, stress reduction, anxiety support, sleep aid.

How To Use?

You can use oil on pets in the same places you’d use it on yourself. It’s a versatile product; whether treating a wound or giving your pet some daily support, hemp will help.

Gently massage it into the skin, paying particular attention to any areas of sores or inflammation. Use it to rub down your pets’ fur and coat before bathing them to promote healthy skin and fur growth. Add drops of CBD-infused carrier oil like coconut or olive oil into their food daily to boost their immune system and reduce anxiety (since pets are often prone to both).

Should One Get Oil, CBD Tincture, or Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture?

The first thing to know is the difference between oil, CBD tincture, and full-spectrum CBD tincture. Oil is the most basic form of hemp, containing only CBD and many other cannabinoids like CBC and CBG. The tincture is a concentrated form of CBD that contains all of its naturally occurring cannabinoids in varying amounts (including THC). Full spectrum CBD tincture contains all these cannabinoids and terpenes, the aromatic compounds found in herbs that give them distinct smells, which can provide additional benefits for your pet’s health. CBD isolate is a highly refined extract from hemp plants with significantly fewer molecules than other extracted cannabis products like full-spectrum extracts or CO2 oils. It’s also less expensive because it requires less processing.


Hemp oil can be an excellent addition to your pet’s diet. It has many benefits and contains no harmful chemicals or toxins. If you decide to use this as a supplement, make sure you do so in moderation and always consult your vet before doing so.