Unusual Yet Best Tankmates for Your Female Betta Fish


When it comes to tankmates for female betta fish, you may be surprised to find that there are a few unusual yet best choices. Although many people believe that bettas should be kept in a tank by themselves, there are some fish that can be safely kept with female bettas, as long as the tank is large enough to accommodate both fish. When choosing tankmates for your female bettas, you should consider their size, activity level, and temperament.

Some of the best tankmates for your female betta include Otocinclus, White Cloud Minnows, and Cory Catfish. These fish are known for their peaceful nature, small size, and ability to live in similar water conditions as the betta. With the right tankmates, you can create a peaceful and visually stunning aquarium that your female betta and her tankmates will enjoy.

What to Consider When Choosing Tankmates for Your Female Betta

Before adding any fish to your tank, you should thoroughly research that species to make sure it is suitable for your betta as a tankmate. The first thing you should do is identify the size of your betta. Female bettas can grow to an average length of about 2 inches, while male bettas can grow up to 3 inches.

Once you know the size of your betta, you can start researching suitable tankmates. Some fish are better kept in larger groups, while others are better kept in pairs or even by themselves. You should also consider the temperament of the fish you are interested in. Peaceful species are best for female bettas since they’re less likely to be aggressive toward your betta.


Otocinclus are often referred to as “Betta fish suckers” because of their ability to clean your betta’s fins, aiding in removing external parasites. Otocinclus are very easy to keep because they can survive in nearly any water condition, even as low as 50% water hardness. They are also very small, making them a great tankmate for your female betta, as they are unlikely to nip her fins or compete for food. Otocinclus may nip at the fins of other fish, and so are best kept with either female bettas or other species that have short fins.

White Cloud Minnows

White cloud minnows are another great choice for your female betta’s tank mates since they are small, peaceful, and easy to keep. White cloud minnows can survive in any water condition, even as low as 10% water hardness. While they are not known to be exceptional fin nippers, they can become aggressive, especially towards other males, and so are best kept in either a species-only tank or a tank with mostly female bettas. White cloud minnows are also great for cleaning your betta’s tank and are known to readily eat any uneaten food left in the tank, including uneaten betta pellets.

Cory Catfish

Cory catfish are some of the best tankmates for your female betta, especially if they are kept in a species-only tank. Cory catfish are nocturnal and very shy, so they are unlikely to bother your betta during the day. They are also very undemanding when it comes to water conditions, even preferring low water hardness and low water flow. Cory catfish are also known for being exceptional cleaners, helping to keep algae and other uneaten food out of your tank’s filter. Cory catfish are fairly small, growing to about 2 to 2.5 inches at full maturity, so they are likely to be too small to bother your female betta.


Female bettas can make great tankmates for other fish species in a well-kept aquarium. You should carefully consider the size, temperament, and water conditions of any potential species before adding them to your betta’s tank. Some species are better kept in large groups, while others should be kept in a species-only tank with only other females. Choosing the right species is important to maintaining a healthy and peaceful aquarium while providing your female betta with a great home.