Panel Paintings

Amplify the Beauty of Your Walls with Panel Paintings!

Panel Paintings on a firm structure, such as wood or metal, as opposed to painting on canvas, are known as panel painting. Prior to the widespread adoption of the canvas towards the end of the 16th century, the most common platform for easel painting was the panel. Beech, cedar, chestnut, fir, larch, linden, white poplar, mahogany, olive, dark walnut, and teak were among the woods utilized.

Wooden panels were frequently boiled or steamed to remove gum and resin, preventing them from splitting, and then coated with size (a sticky material) to plug pores and gesso, on which the painting was done. Silver, tin, lead, and zinc are among the metals utilized in panel paintings.

Paintings on wood panels

Paintings on wood panels are extremely vulnerable to structural deterioration caused by the elements. Wood, as an organic substance, reacts quickly to variations in ambient temperature and humidity, absorbing and releasing moisture as the environment changes.

Panel Paintings

Moisture absorption and desorption cause mechanical changes in the wood, such as swelling and shrinking. Panels will bend, twist, or fracture as a result of repeated cycles of swelling and shrinking, which can take millennia. This form of damage to a painting’s substrate might have a negative impact on the paint layer, which could lead to paint loss.

Do you want to magnify the appearance of your walls? Are you looking for interior design or coloring Panel Paintings? Besides, you need to explore the world of paintings for decoration. Honestly speaking, paintings/wall hangings are the luxury piece to adorn the space of your room. Also:

  • Painting can boost your self-esteem!
  • A painting can change the outlook of your space!
  • A painting also helps to improve the look of your house!
  • A painting is a better choice to add a unique texture to the walls!
  • A painting is an inexpensive alternative compared to other methods!

But, which Paintings are best for you? Which painting can you hang on the walls? Today, most individuals like to go with panel paintings for decoration. It may be possible that most of you are not aware of panel paintings. But, you will get lots of information about panel paintings in this article!

Panel Paintings

What is Exactly Panel Wall Paintings?

Usually, the panel paintings are stylish arts formulated on the wooden panel. Most of the panel paintings were created in numerous pieces of the wooden panel. That is why; these panel wall hangings give an extraordinary look to the walls.

Panel Paintings

Unlike other paintings, panel painting is a unique and fashionable art to embellish the room. A whole painting is made out of numerous pieces that give an incredible look. Also, here are some types of panel paintings available for you:

  • Acrylic panel painting
  • Abstract panel painting
  • Diamond painting multi-panel
  • Paintings on aluminum panel
  • Panel wall painting on the wooden panel
  • Panel DIY painting
  • Panel modern art painting
  • Beautiful panel stylish painting
  • Attractive panel religious painting
  • Panel wall paintings for living room, bedroom, and office
  • Big panel painting

Why Go Through Panel Paintings?

Compared to other artwork, panel paintings are gaining popularity because of their attractiveness. By using this artwork, you can spruce up the location with eccentric arts. Here are some key features of choosing panel paintings for ornament:

  • Good-looking: – Ultimately, the panel paintings are really good-looking and awesome. Choosing these wall arts to show that you are buying different things. Similarly, you may also turn a boring environment into a stylish one.
  • Pretty fashionable: – The paintings of the wooden panel are fashionable and awesome. If you want to revamp your dwellings, plump for panel paintings.
  • Durable: – All the arts on the panel board are of the best quality. It means you are doing a one-time investment. The panel painting is durable for several years because of the best quality of wood.
  • Eccentric arts: – The artists made out the eccentric arts in panel paintings. By choosing these attractive arts, there will be a great and positive impression on your guests/visitors. 
  • Perfect wall hanging: – For those, who want to make their ambiance good-looking, panel paintings are best and unique. Across these paintings, your space/location can be incredible and lavish.

Benefits you will get by Panel Paintings

  • Apart from a stylish look, panel arts are the perfect choice for dwellings, offices, reception, clinic, lounge, etc. 
  • The ornamented depiction of layouts helps to spread peace, positivity, and progress in the ambiance.
  • Make your space stunning and cool by curtaining the panel wall paintings.
  • Keep your house updated with the latest decoration. Bring panel wall painting and achieve an idiosyncrasy ambiance in your home/office.

Make your Shopping Easy with Essential Steps

While shopping, make sure that location should be decided before buying the painting. For this, you need to draw out a plan and use your mind while choosing the right painting. At home, the living room, dining room, bedroom, hall, and balcony are a few areas. In-office, you can go to the reception area. Besides location, it is important to know more essential tips:

  • Mindfully choose an online platform to buy panel paintings. Online, you can get a huge collection of decorative items like DecoreMantra.
  • Before choosing the right painting, be clear about the design, size, shape, theme, and style of panel painting. 
  • Don’t forget to measure the area where you want to hang this painting.
  • Use your mind and compare the price of your favorite painting with other online platforms.
  • Always choose a reliable and secure online platform to buy all decorative wall paintings. At DecoreMantra, you can get reliable, best, and awesome wall art for the house.

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Panel Paintings

Explore the website of and choose your favorite artwork in your budget. Don’t worry; all the utensils/products are best and reliable for your house and office.

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