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These 6 Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

The Future of Style and Luxury Is With These 6 Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

In their conventional forms, the Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands and lifestyle-products sectors are constructed on a foundation of opacity: What company designed the T-shirt you’re wearing? How were the workers in the factory where your sneakers were made treated? What was the environmental impact of the handbag you use every day? It’s no coincidence that the solutions to these questions are typically difficult to come by. Behind the thick veil that conceals fast-inner fashion’s workings are a slew of unsettling behaviors that treat people and the environment as disposable… almost as disposable as the low-cost items, these businesses produce and sell.

Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

The inventive leaders of ethical fashion and lifestyle brands firms that are doing things better and giving customers access to the stories behind their products are the silver linings to this story. The six ethical fashion and lifestyle firms featured in this article are defying convention by inventing innovative ways to obtain eco-friendly materials, treat employees with decency and respect, and give back to their communities. This is a brand new world of Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands, with a bright future ahead of it.

Eileen Fisher:

Timeless Clothing that Lives and Lives and Lives and Lives and Lives and Lives and Lives and Lives and Lives

Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

Clothing should be ethical, timeless, well-made, and designed to function together, wear effortlessly, and be part of a responsible lifespan, according to Eileen Fisher. The company’s supply chain is refreshingly transparent, and it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to worker rights. Eileen Fisher, which is based on the circular economy, allows customers to send back gently used or worn products, which the company either fixes and resells or fully repurposes into new, fashion trends items.

Parker Clay:

Using Premium Leather Bags to Create Dignified Employment
Parker Clay is making better bags by using a more efficient technique that eliminates shortcuts. The business places a premium on sourcing, stitching, and each and every grain of the leather, drawing on decades of Ethiopian leather-working history. Parker Clay can create a safer workplace and more sustainable production by owning its factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Too far, the company has created over 400,000 hours of safe, secure, and dignified work in Ethiopia, assisting women in supporting their families, developing professional skills, and eventually transforming communities.

Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

MADI Apparel:

Providing Needy Women with Underwear
MADI Apparel is on a mission to bring clean, comfortable confidence to shelter clients after realizing that underwear is on practically every domestic abuse and homeless shelter’s urgent needs list. MADI distributes a pair of underwear to a woman in need in domestic abuse shelters, homeless shelters, rape clinics, and disaster assistance situations for every MADI item sold. MADI has given undergarments to almost 7,000 ladies so far.


Eco-Friendly Shoes

The 8000Kicks sneakers are in a class by themselves. These kicks are created from super-strong hemp fibers and algae blooms, making them both durable and environmentally beneficial. 8000Kicks also works with its factory partners to expand its use of sustainable energy sources, and its hemp fields invest in CO2 capture. Here’s a link to a podcast with 8000Kicks CEO Bernardo Carreira.

Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

Giving Soap to Communities Around the World with Soapbox Soaps

Soapbox is on a quest to use soap and hygiene to make the world a little safer. For the best skin and hair days, Soapbox products avoid harsh additives in favor of organically derived nutrients. Even better, for every Soapbox product purchased, a bar of soap is donated to someone in need. Each Soapbox product includes a unique Hope Code that may be input online to find out which project was aided by a purchase.


Making the Apparel Industry More Human
KNOWN SUPPLY’s business approach is founded on complete transparency, which is typically lacking in the apparel sector. When you buy something from KNOWN SUPPLY, you’ll be able to “meet” the people who made it; each product bears the signature of the person who made it, and KNOWN’s online search function allows you to learn more about each manufacturer. The organization works with marginalized populations to give meaningful jobs and to demonstrate the influence that mindful apparel purchases can have.

Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

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