Everything You Need to Know About UPI QR Codes and How to Use Them


The UPI QR code represents a form of UPI payment, enabling users to pay conveniently by scanning the QR code. The QR code can be generated from any registered mobile application or website that supports UPI transactions.

It is a two-dimensional barcode that contains details of the merchant and the transaction. By scanning the QR code, you can make quick payments without adding the bank account details of the receiver. 

How to Scan UPI QR Code to Make Payments

Scanning the QR code is a simple process, which can be done using your mobile phone’s camera. For this, you will need a UPI payment application on your mobile first. Here are some steps that you need to follow:

  1. Install your chosen UPI payment application from either the Play Store or App Store, and complete the registration process using your mobile number.
  2. Next, to link the app with your bank account, add your details and generate a UPI pin.
  3. After that, open the UPI payment app and select the ‘Send Money’ option.
  4. Now, to make the payment using the QR code, position your QR code scanner over the QR code of the recipient and scan to pay.
  5. The UPI app will redirect you to the page with the receiver’s details, including the amount to be paid and the UPI ID.
  6. After entering the details, confirm the payment by entering a UPI PIN. 
  7. Once that is done, you will receive a confirmation message notifying the transaction.

What are the Benefits of Using a UPI QR code?

As we embrace the efficiency and versatility of UPI QR codes, it becomes evident that their benefits extend beyond mere convenience, paving the way for a more efficient, secure, and interconnected financial landscape.

Do you wonder why UPI QR code payments are gaining increased popularity? Here are some of the reasons for you to explore:

  • It offers a high level of security since there is no necessity to disclose sensitive details such as your bank account number or IFSC code to any third party when conducting payments via a QR code. 
  • This payment method is cost-effective as no transaction fees are involved compared to traditional payment options.
  • QR code transactions offer quick pay and are simple to complete. You only need to scan to pay without needing any cash or actual cards.

What are the Security Measures for UPI QR Codes?

In an age where digital transactions prevail, ensuring security is of utmost importance. Let’s unravel the layers of security that safeguard your transactions and personal information in the world of UPI QR codes.

  • Encrypted Data: The data sent through the QR code is encrypted so that no one can read it.
  • Two-Factor Authentication Method: To ensure that only you can use your bank account, UPI requires two-factor authentication. This means that after entering your password, you’ll also have to enter a six-digit One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile phone before being able to initiate any transactions.
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention: To prevent fraud from taking place on the platform, all transactions go through an approval process. The transactions are checked against various parameters, such as the location of the sender/receiver and the amount being transferred, etc., before being approved or rejected by NPCI’s servers.

You can take a few precautionary measures to keep your UPI QR code secure, such as not sharing it with anyone and using trusted sources when downloading apps or using mobile websites. Choosing the right UPI payment application is also necessary to ensure user security. One such trusted app is the Bajaj Pay UPI app, which allows easy and quick payments using its QR code scanner.

Why is the Bajaj Pay UPI the Trusted Choice?

Bajaj Pay UPI application is a UPI app introduced by Bajaj Finserv that allows users to make money transactions within minutes! You can easily transfer money by using the scan and pay feature. 

Bajaj Pay UPI stands out as a trusted choice for a myriad of reasons, cementing its reputation as a reliable digital payment platform. One of its several advantages is that it is compatible with most major banks in India. It prioritises security, implementing advanced measures to safeguard user information and transactions. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, making digital payments accessible to a broad audience. Moreover, Bajaj Pay UPI boasts a wide network of merchants, facilitating convenient transactions across diverse sectors. As a trusted choice, it combines security, user-friendliness, innovation, and an extensive network, making it a preferred option for individuals and businesses in the ever-expanding world of digital payments.

You can download their UPI payment app online and get started with the best payment experience.