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Top 5 Practices of a Good HR Manager

If you ask Good HR Manager why they have adopted this profession, most will say that they wanted to serve the people. They will also say that they want to help the people grow. Unfortunately, we have seen a contrast in the real world. There are many causes of a clash between employees and HR managers. A question here is what causes the gap between their vision and reality? Do they forget their vision?

In reality, the dispute between HR managers and employees is not personal. They have disputes about the policies of their organization. A Good HR Manager needs to follow practices that put him in the good books of people. These practices help his work for his vision. In the era of technological advancement, human resource management has gained more importance. We are going to share some practices that HR professionals need to follow. These are important for becoming better HR Managers.

Providing of Security:

The HR manager needs to provide a secure environment to their employees. Employees must be their priority. HR managers need to provide both formal and informal securities to their employees. They should ensure such policies that give their workers employment security. Employees should have confidence in their organization. HR managers must ensure proper safety measures for the labor force.

They should confirm that the working field is not harmful to employees. HR managers also provide medical and health securities. These all are acts of kindness and the right of their employees. These schemes increase the trust of employees within their HR managers. These schemes prove beneficial for an organization in the long run. It decreases the turnover rate and increases the reputation of an organization. People want to join such an organization and this attracts top-notch talent as well.

Top-Notch Talent Acquisition:

The second best practice is to hire top-notch talent in the market. Talented people prove beneficial for the organization. They spread positivity and support its vision as well. The performance of top-notch employees is 400% higher than the others (Black, 2020). But hiring competent people is not an easy task. Good HR Managers need to create a structure that helps in fair hiring.

For this, organizations need to create a strong alignment between their stakeholders. They need to use technology and social media platforms to hire the best people. These employees are aware of the benefits of teamwork, so they will avoid politics. Good HR Managers also need to train their recruitment teams for hiring purposes. If they are not trained, they may not succeed in hiring the much desired talented employees.

Fair Compensation:

Employee compensation is an important task for HR managers. Employees take part in your organization’s growth. They also deserve compensation from their management. One study shows that compensation has a significant impact. This results in better performance of employees (Saman, 2020). HR managers need to create fair compensation policies. Every employee should be fairly compensated for their performance.

Organizations compensate employees in different ways including commission, profit sharing, and more. Most of the time, compensation processes fuel workplace politics. Gossipers spread rumors about the biasness of HR on compensation. These rumors affect the environment of the organizations. Compensating the team excludes the objection of biasedness. It also helps overcome personal jealousy issues between colleagues.

Skills Relevant Training for Good HR Manager:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, a good HR manager needs to train their employees about different skills. HR managers need to upgrade themselves and their employees in this competitive world. If they don’t train their employees, competitors might take advantage. HR managers can conduct different kinds of training. They can also conduct generic types of training that are helpful for everyone.

Good HR Manager conduct training about interpersonal skills as every employee needs them. Employees can also get trained in conversation skills. HR managers can conduct specific training for specific employees. These kinds of training prove beneficial for both the employees and the organization. Employees consider such pieces of training the real favor of their management. Training grooms the skills and personality of the employees. This practice helps managers win the hearts of their employees.

Adapting a Flexibility Based Approach:

HR managers need to manage a flexible approach in all matters. There is always another way to do a task. To meet the organization’s needs, Good HR Manager forgets their fundamental role. They start dictating the employees. This dictatorship-based approach causes a clash between the organization and its employees. They need to be flexible so that they can deal with the problems in a better way.

In today’s competitive world, HR managers have to be flexible about their practices. If they stick with their policies, they can face a big loss. The example of Nokia is not too old for us. A flexible and adaptable approach makes HR managers compatible with the organizational environment. A good HR manager has to build a healthy relationship with the employees. They are not bureaucrats who follow the structures in every matter. They also do not deal with robots that work on specific commands. They deal with humans instead. So they have to remember that everyone has his/her personality and behavior.


HR manager plays a crucial role within any organization. We shared some practices that help HR managers in improving their performance. They can start security schemes that build the trust of their employees. These schemes make the reputation of the organization better. HR managers also need to hire the best talent in the market. This practice helps in excluding workplace politics. HR managers should also provide fair compensation to the employees. These articles suggest giving team-based compensations. Otherwise, gossipers spread rumors about the biased behavior of management. Good HR Manager should also conduct skills-relevant training for employees. Otherwise, they might lose their vision of serving people.

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