8 Hidden iPhone Features That Will Simplify Your Life 


We have all grown to love the sleek design and sophisticated technology accompanied by Apple’s iPhone. However, with every iOS update, various features flood your new phone, things you might not even be aware of. These tricks emerge, allowing you to make your daily interactions with your phone smoother and more efficient.

However, what exactly are these hidden gems? Well, throughout this article, you can discover the top 8 secret iPhone features that simplify your life. Through those features, you can streamline your tasks and simply make your experience of browsing on your phone more enjoyable. 

1. Viewing iCloud Photos

If you want to view iCloud photos on iPhone, perhaps you already know it can be perceived as a hidden feature. That is because iCloud operates seamlessly and might not be apparent to all users immediately. But if you want to learn to access iCloud photos on iPhone, refer to https://setapp.com/how-to/view-icloud-photos as your ultimate guide. Many people struggle with finding their media stored in iCloud, posing the question: where are iCloud photos stored? Through the guide, you can discover everything about it, including how things sync up across all your Apple devices. The feature is built into the functionality of your iPhone. It ensures your media is accessible on any device with your Apple ID and password.

2. Custom Charging Animation

This feature lets you personalize what pops up on the screen when you plug your phone in for charging. This can be done through the Shortcuts app along with an application that has charging animation. First, download a charging app from the App Store. Then, select your desired animation and use the Shortcuts app to create a shortcut that will trigger the animation.

3. Hide Photos on the iPhone

One of the secret iPhone features is the ability to hide private photos you want to keep out of sight. When you hide a picture, it moves to the Hidden album. To hide a photo, head to the Photos app and click on the image you want to hide. Tap the “Share” button and choose “Hide”. To check the hidden photos, go to the “Albums” tab and scroll down to the “Utilities” section. Then, click on “Hidden.” You can also go to “Settings” and then “Photos.” Toggle off “Hidden Album” to make it disappear.

4. Measure Anything with Measure App

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You can actually measure real objects through the Measure app. It is a pre-installed app on iPhones that uses augmented reality to measure things and spaces in the world around you. You simply point your iPhone at the object, move it to calibrate, and then mark points to measure the length and width. It also has a Level tool for you to check flat surfaces.  

5. Custom Vibration Patterns

One of the iPhone’s hidden features is the ability to customize vibration patterns. This can help you identify who is calling you without checking your screen. To activate and customize it, go to “Settings” and “Sounds & Haptics.” Then, tap on “Ringtone” and then “Vibrations.” Look for “Create New Vibration.” Now, you can customize your own vibrations and connect them to specific contacts.

6. Back Tapping to Access Shortcuts

Did you know you can simply double or triple-tap the back of your iPhone to access specific actions? Well, you can personalize this through “Accessibility” in “Settings.” Then, click “Touch” and scroll down until you find “Back Tap.” Choose “Double Tap” or “Triple Tap” to assign an action to the motion. You can use it to take screenshots, lock the screen, or even activate Siri. 

7. Optimized iPhone Battery Charging

This option can be activated from the “Battery” settings. It enables the phone to prolong the battery’s lifespan by learning your daily habits when it comes to charging your phone. It uses machine learning to understand your daily routine, so it can wait to finish charging up until you need to use it.

8. Finding iPhone Even When Turned Off

Did you know you can find your iPhone even if it is turned off? This is another one of the cool iPhone features. It is part of Find My network on devices running iOS 15 or later. It uses Bluetooth to detect missing devices nearby and report their approximate location. This function also works for a limited time when your battery runs out. 


After all, there are various iPhone best features you can employ. Each provides a different value and allows you to customize your phone uniquely. That said, there are many more features to explore. However, the ones touched on throughout this article are the easiest and most desired ones. Regardless of how well you know your iPhone, there is a feature you have overlooked. Hence, always refer to this article for some inspiration.