7 Things You May Not Have Known About Buying Marijuana In Toronto


With legalization on the horizon, Canadian cannabis consumers are fueling a rapid expansion of legal marijuana retailers. However, it can be challenging to find reliable information about buying weed in Toronto—and keep track of ever-changing laws and regulations. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about how to buy marijuana legally, from buying at Marijuana Delivery Toronto Canada dispensaries and online through government-run websites, as well as what happens when you get caught selling or importing cannabis without a license.

You can buy cannabis online, but you have to pick it up in-store

While you can buy cannabis online from dispensaries, you must pick up your order at a physical location. However, some dispensaries offer delivery services to ensure you get what you want when and where you need it. If you want to get your cannabis delivered, you can use a delivery service. These services allow you to place an order and have the dispensary deliver it to your door.

Cannabis can be purchased from brick-and-mortar dispensaries or online. However, the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) only sells cannabis products through its website. The OCS also offers delivery services to customers living in areas with no physical dispensaries nearby.

There is no tax on marijuana.

You may also be wondering how the legal marijuana market in Toronto works. In Canada, medical marijuana is tax-exempt. This implies that you will not pay taxes on your purchase from a licensed dispensary or a delivery service.

However, if you are buying recreational marijuana, there are no taxes on your purchase either because it has been made legal for all adults aged 19 years and older to use recreationally! You might only have to worry about paying GST/HST on your product but only if you live outside of Ontario (where they don’t charge sales tax).

You can buy weed-based accessories like rolling papers and pipes.

Understanding the full scope of what you can buy in Toronto’s legal marijuana dispensaries is an essential first step to understanding the rules surrounding cannabis sales and consumption. While it may be tempting to assume that lighting up a joint is the only way to consume weed, it’s important to remember that you have other options. You can buy pipes, rolling papers, or vaporizers (which heat herbs into a vapor that can be inhaled) as long as they aren’t used for smoking tobacco products.

Additionally, in addition to purchasing marijuana, dispensaries also sell accessories like bongs (water pipes), grinders (to break down buds into smaller pieces for more effortless inhalation), bags for storing your stash, and other items designed specifically with stoners in mind.

If you want to buy weed, you have to be 21

Remember a few things to remember if you want to buy weed in Toronto. First and foremost, you must be 21 years old or older to purchase marijuana in Ontario. That’s because Canada has set the national minimum age for buying cannabis at 19.

Additionally, there are restrictions on where minors can buy marijuana in Toronto. If you’re under the age of 19, you’ll need parental consent before making a purchase—and there also may be some limitations on where it can be delivered. For example, Ontario law prohibits anyone under the age of 19 from having more than 30 grams of pot at any time.

In comparison, adults aren’t subject to this restriction on possession limits (as long as they aren’t carrying more than 150 grams), they should still check with local regulations before purchasing large quantities or edibles from licensed dispensaries since these products might fall under different rules depending on which city carries them out of its jurisdiction.

You don’t need a prescription.

You don’t need a prescription. You can get one if you want to, but most medical marijuana users do not have prescriptions because the doctor’s office isn’t the most convenient place to buy weed. This is why people turn to dispensaries, which are much more accessible and offer similar products at lower prices than what you’d find at a pharmacy.

Most dispensaries are cash-only businesses.

While most dispensaries are cash-only businesses, a few accept debit and credit cards. At this point, it’s still difficult to determine whether or not you’ll be able to use your card at any cannabis shop, so it’s best to check with the staff before heading over.

Some dispensaries have a cashless ATM on site. This is excellent news if you don’t have enough cash on hand—you can withdraw from an ATM inside the store and then pay for your purchase with that money! However, some stores don’t have ATMs because they cannot secure one from their bank due to federal laws regarding marijuana sales in Canada.

Some dispensaries say they only accept cash because they cannot access a bank account: either because their current bank refuses them or because they haven’t yet applied for one since legalization took place last October 17th. Other dispensaries claim that they prefer not accepting credit cards (and thus avoid paying fees) to provide customers with better service by keeping lines shorter; however, this may become less of an issue now that central banks like RBC Bank are offering low-cost accounts, specifically geared towards those involved with cannabis sales.

Most dispensaries try to be discreet and low-key because they’re still illegal.

It’s important to remember that most dispensaries are still illegal in Canada. This means that they’re trying to be very discreet and low-key, so you won’t find them advertised on the local news or anywhere where there could be a lot of foot traffic. Many people who buy marijuana at these places don’t tell their friends about it unless they know that their friend is also into buying marijuana—it’s just not something you talk about.

Most people who use these places hear about them through word of mouth, or they find them online by searching for them only. Once you’ve found one that might suit your needs, call ahead before visiting because some only allow online orders, while others require an appointment before entering the store itself.


We hope you’ve learned something new about buying weed in Toronto. It’s a fascinating place, and we’re excited to see how its relationship with cannabis evolves as legalization approaches