5 Delta-8 Vape Trends You’re Not Following


Vaping is more fun than smoking. And it’s also a great way to try out different strains of marijuana. However, not all vapes are created equal. Some contain more Delta 8 vape content than others. Similarly, only some of the trends get equally followed. No doubt, they may be super-fun but not so renowned. So, today, we are presenting five D8 vape trends you’re not following. Take a look-

Five Delta-8 puffing trends to make your day-

Take a look-

●     O’s-

The O’s is a fun trick to vape Delta-8 that you can do with any THC and vape pen. It’s easy to do, but it will take some practice before you get the hang of it. To start, take two hits from your vaporizer (or two separate draws from one piece). Then, hold them in your mouth for about 10 seconds before releasing them both through your nose or mouth.

The idea here is to squeeze out as much air as possible. It is also to ensure no bubbles are left behind after exhaling through one nostril while holding another hit into place in front of it. It happens in case an accidental puff during this time causes some spillage on its way out.

If you doubt whether you’ve done this right, then watch for the stream of vapor that comes out of your mouth. You did a great job if it’s a thin stream with no bubbles.

This technique is incredible for getting the most out of your hits and for saving some money by taking less each time. It also makes it easier to hold in more of the cannabinoid without coughing or feeling like you’re going to pass out. If you haven’t tried this trick earlier, give it a shot next time.

It might be hard at first, but with more practice, you’ll be able to get the hang of it. Another technique is to hold in your hits for as long as possible. And without coughing or feeling like you’re going to pass out. That’s because retaining Delta-8 when it’s still hot from the vaporizer causes more of it to enter your bloodstream than if you exhaled immediately after taking a hit.

●     Snap inhale-

Snap-inhales are one of the easiest ways to vape THC. They’re similar to the “o” in O’s and the “j” in jay. The only exception is that you’ll only take half a puff before exhaling through your mouth and then repeating instead of taking a complete drag on your vape pen or cartridge. It can get done by holding down on your device until it shuts off, then quickly pressing down again (without letting go).

The benefits of performing snap inhale are many:

  1. They’re quick and easy
  2. They don’t take much time at all.
  3. They don’t require any special equipment other than what you already have (unless you want to use something else), and most importantly,
  4. They taste great

Snap can be performed on any vaporizer, whether a pen or cartridge. The only difference is that you’ll have to ensure the temperature gets turned down low enough; so that you don’t burn your lips when you use them (which can be dangerous).

●     Power exhale-

Power exhale refers to the act of exhaling a large volume of vapor. It can get done by holding the mist in your lungs for longer than usual and then releasing it all at once. This trick creates a cloud of vapor that’s visible from far away. If you inhale after power exhaling, it makes a snapping sound, too.

Power Exhales can be great for creating dense clouds and making them last longer than other methods of vaping. They’re also valuable when using vape cartridges with lower concentrations (the higher the concentration level, the less efficient they are).

●     Tornado-

The tornado is a simple yet effective vape trick that requires you to hold the fire button for about 10 seconds. It will cause the vaporizer to heat up and produce thick vapor clouds. Once you’ve mastered this trick, try experimenting with different temperatures and bring speeds to see what works best for you. The tornado is a great trick for beginners because it’s easy to master and requires no special equipment. All you need is a good quality vaporizer with a variable temperature setting.

●     French inhale-

French inhale is a trick where you put the vape in your mouth, then take a puff and blow it out of your nose. This trick can get done with either a joint or blunt. It seems more like art than science, but everyone can do it.

French inhales are also great for showing off to people who are lighting up around you; also to people who aren’t quite as experienced but want some tips on how to get better at vaping Delta-8 oil (or even merely want some advice). If you’re having trouble getting started with French inhales, here’s how:

Hold the vaporizer about 2-3 inches away from your face with one hand above it. It will help keep things steady. So when you inhale through the other end, no matter what direction it goes into, there will be no stray wisps or drops left behind after removal from the mouthpiece/mouth area. It could otherwise cause problems later down the road when trying to maintain consistency. Or while vaping regularly over a period is focused primarily on achieving maximum dosage efficiency.

Next, open your mouth and take a deep breath in through it. You should hear the air pushing against the plastic as you do so. Once you’ve got a good lungful of air, exhale it out through the vaporizer like you would with a regular joint or blunt. Take another deep breath in with your mouth and repeat until your weed gets vaped up.

These are profitable tips to vape Delta-8 THC-

Portable vapes are great for on-the-go vaping. But they can be expensive and sometimes need to work better with dry herbs. So, it is profitable to use homemade ones. Make your homemade vaporizer by filling a water bottle or mason jar with coconut oil and shaking it around until it’s all melted together. Then, put the lid on top of that jar (and add some food coloring) for an even better effect. You should also ensure that there aren’t any holes in either container. So no air gets through. Otherwise, there will be no combustion happening inside either device.


If you’re looking to try vaping Delta-8 THC, these tricks can help. Each one is pretty simple, and they all have their benefits. So don’t be afraid and keep trying! The best way to get them right is only to practice.